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Introduction to SXMRoulette

St. Martin Roulette is an online social gaming platform that combines the timeless appeal of roulette with the engaging nature of social gaming. Enhanced by beautiful live dealers who will keep you playing.  The platform provides a live-streamed roulette experience with and a dynamic social gaming environment.

Gameplay and Economy

Each day, players receive a complimentary set of chips, allowing them to engage in gameplay without any initial investment. For those who wish to continue playing beyond their free allotment, additional chips can be purchased using our proprietary decentralized tokens. These tokens are the lifeblood of our platform, facilitating transactions and enhancing the overall gaming experience. The SXMR tokens serve as the currency within our ecosystem, allowing for seamless transactions and enhancing player engagement and opportunities. 


Affiliate Marketing - Direct Selling:   In a pioneering move, SXMRoulette introduces an affiliate marketing option to gather new members, empowering players to invite and enroll new participants. As a token of our appreciation for growing our community, players are compensated with tokens for each successful referral. This model incentivizes player engagement and fosters organic growth of the platform effectively saving dollars on marketing.

Social Gaming - The Industry

Social Gaming, specifically Social Casinos, offering complimentary casino-style gaming, constitute a market worth $5.6 billion in 2023. These platforms primarily feature gameplay using virtual tokens that, despite being purchasable, offer no real-world prizes. A notable concern is the lack of transparency; games like poker often employ misleading tactics to entice players to spend money on virtual chips that hold no value. Despite this, repeated surveys indicate that casual players are interested in winning real money and seek an honest gaming experience.
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