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AURA Digital Guard
Identity Theft Features

Change of Address Monitoring

Sex Offender Registry Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

Compromised Credentials

Lost Wallet Protection & Document Replacement

Social Security Number Monitoring

Online Account Monitoring

Court Records Monitoring

Unemployment Claims Alerts

401K and HSA Monitoring

Driver's License Monitoring

Passport Number Monitoring

Email Account Monitoring

Birthdate Monitoring

Phone Number Monitoring

Medical ID/Health ID Monitoring

Deceased Family Member Coverage

Near Real-Time Alerts

Auto-on monitoring

Child Social Security Number Monitoring

Child Dark Web Monitoring

Credit Monitoring & Alerts

Credit Report and Score

High Risk Transaction Monitoring

Bank Account Opening & Takeover Monitoring

Home Title Monitoring

Security Freeze Assistance

Monthly Credit Score

Monthly Credit Score Tracker

Expense Reimbursement

401K and HSA Reimbursement

Monitored and Non-Monitored Accts Reimbursement

Stolen Funds Reimbursement

Unauthorized EFT Reimbursement

Live Member Support 24/7/365

Dedicated, experienced ID Theft Case Manager

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Unemployment & Tax Fraud Resolution

Financial Account Takeover

Telecom/Utility Account Takeover

Unauthorized Financial Account Creation

Seniors Fraud Resolution

Device & Privacy Protection

Anti-virus 1 Device

VPN (WiFi security)

Robo-call/robo-text protection

Email solicitation/junk mail prevention

Password Manager


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