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About Universal Promotion International LLC

UPI was started in 1997 in South Florida. The purpose was to promote products and services both domestically and internationally. Now with more than 35 years experience UPI brings the Perfect Fit to individuals and companies in the following vertical but not limited to manufacturing, direct selling, technology, telecommunications, non-insurance lifestyle benefits, video production, website design, new product acquisition, motivational speaking, training and product funding. As a Baby Boomer, I've shopped, purchased and sold many products and services. I opened my first computer store in 1982 in Louisville, KY and was IBM, Microsoft, Novell and AutoCad certified just to mention a few. I've developed a keen understanding of products and services that have "Real Value", not just simple hype and assist in marketing those products at market prices or below. As an entrepreneur I've evaluated many business opportunities and have funded and started successful businesses as far back as 1976. It's possible that I can be the right fit for your startup, expansion or day to day problem solving. Feel free to contact me anytime at 859.494.7618. Jon Johnson

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